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June 2014
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VMCI Update


Sunday, June 22, 7:30 pm @ Pool Pavilion Sunday, July 13, 7:30 pm @ Pool Pavilion Sunday, August 17, 7:30 pm @ Pool Pavilion



Sunday, September 14, 6:00 pm @ Pool Pavilion



A big THANK YOU to Joel Lorden for organizing the VMCI Spring Workday and to the following families for volunteering time, tools and materials:


Eanes, Lorden, Bartholomew, Friedman, Smith (M), Casey, Bridges, Miller, Heidbreder (J), Slifer, Greear, Hamilton, Boli, Smith (A), Smith (B), Pleck, Toms, Littlefield, Pierce, Moussouri and Weimer.

Celebrate the 4th of July with Village Mill
Parade and Party on the 4th
We are gearing up for the annual 4th of July event! RSVP now to attend the Village Mill Pool Party this 4th of July! We will have lunch, a DJ and pool games.
Village Mill Parade
12:00 p.m.
The annual Village Mill Parade will kick off the event. Starting at the top of Olde Village Run and heading all the way to the pool, this fun bike, walk, scooter parade is a Village Mill tradition. Look for Uncle Sam and Lady Liberty to lead the way.Questions? ContactJaney Hoag.
Games and Lunch at the Pool
12:30 p.m.
DJ, Swimming, and Dancing...come hang out at the pool and enjoy!It is a great way to cool off after a long day at the Peachtree Road Race or the Dunwoody City Parade.
(Food, Dessert, Drinks and Entertainment included. Lemonade, Tea, water, and a keg will be provided.)
Please rsvp to Kimi Lenertzby Monday, June 30.
Strawberry Festival A Big Success


Thank you to all the volunteers that helped make the Strawberry Festival such a huge success! It couldn't have happened without each and every one of you! It is so wonderful to see the community come together for Village Mill's annual tradition, and it's alwaysnice to meet new faces and visit with old! Erin and Sheila want to especially thank the chair heads of the festival:


Lynne Perry
Anne Weber
Sarah Smith
April Toms
Jennifer Morris
Gene Schuh
Julian Black
Kimi Lenertz


Also, for all that loaned us their time, tables and tents:


Denise Pruitt

Bill and Liz Alexander

Dave and Katie Frame

Nancy and Rick Wamsley

Bruce and Hydi Kalmin

Kimi Lenertz

Jim Bartholomew

Tricia Casey

Steve and Courtney Santora

Eric Friedman

Jen and Jeff Simmons

John Pleck

Chrissy Miller

Mary Keesee

The Perry Family

Larry and Anne Weber

Carol Martin

Jean DeVeer

The Hehir Family

Julie and Mike Smith

Pat Miller

Joe Hirsch

Sue Jones

Louise Greene

Joan and Julian Black

Sue Hall

Katie Gouldman

Terri Gouldman

Kirsten Beard

Kim Sergent

Brian and April Toms

Bruce and Sarah Smith

Steve Pfister

and John Allen for being our Raffle emcee.



Thank you to all of the children of Village Mill who were a part of the "Kids Market", we had a record number of entries this year!

Autumn Toms

Sydney Toms

Lindsay Friedman

Shira Kopel

Ryan Smith

Kate Smith

Grace Littlefield

Caroline Perry

Katie Perry

Bailey Toms

Blake Boettcher

Bo Boettcher

Kirsten Beard

Mac Bankston

Eden Hirsch

Nicholas Frame

Kayla Smith

Harrison Ford


Thank you to all the generous families of Village Mill. We truly appreciate all the donations for the kids and adult raffle along with the silent auction.


The Tapp Family

The Eanes Family

The Kalmin Family

The Pruitt Family

Bette Martell

Jean Kester

Julian and Joan Black

Pat Miller

The Schuh Family

The Simmons Family

The Gouldman Family

The Barrett-Allen Family

Jim and Sheila Bartholomew

The Friedman Family

Steve Pfister

The Wamsley Family

The Frame Family

The Mike Smith Family

Blythe Koss

June Trisko

Jean and Jack DeVeer

Nori Riley

Michelle Doughtie - Schilling and Co. Interior Design

Ellen Itaaliander - Elevate yourself

Susie Rabin

The Cole Family

Caroline Perry

Thank you to anyone whose name we may have neglected to include here.It takes a lot of volunteers to pull off an event like this and we appreciate all of you.



We also want to recognize the great businesses around Dunwoody that contributed this year. Pleasesupport them as many of them donate to us each year.


Arukat Tennis Academy

Dunwoody Bakery

Dunwoody Community Garden

Fitness Together

Jump Start Gym

Pure Barre

Bruster's Ice Cream

Jet's Pizza

Milano Pizza

Purple Hippo

Yogli Mogli

Hickory House

Café at Pharr

Farm Burger

Mojo Burrito

Southern Threads

The Pet Resorts


Village Burger

Workout Anytime


And, Congratulatins to the Toms Family for winning the 50/50 pot! The pot total was $118 - split evenly between the winners and Village Mill.



Romeo logo







We were pleased to hear from Dekalb County Sheriff Jeff Mann at our MAY breakfast meeting. Sheriff Mann opened our eyes as to the breadth, scope and importance of the Sheriff Departments vast operation as well as their programs and responsibilities. Not many of us knew that our Dekalb County Sheriff's Department earned the coveted Triple Crown Accreditation Award (38 Departments out of 3000). Great job Sheriff and our thanks.


Our meeting was "spiced up" with an unplanned visit from Representative Jack Kingston which made it a 2 for 1 event for the nice ROMEO group attending.


We will have a change of pace at our JUNE 9 meeting as the result of suggestions from THE ROMEOS. We will not have a speaker, but rather opted for a plain, old fellowship gathering which we hope everyone is looking forward to. We would like to hear from those attending with suggestions/requests for speakers at our meetings for July through November as we have purposely left the calendar open. Please come and be heard.


NOTE: Please save Sunday December 7, 2014 for our joint ROMEO/JULIET Annual Christmas Dinner beginning at 600 PM tied in with our support for the Dunwoody Police Department "Christmas For Kids" program.


Juliets News

Juliets will meet again June 21,2014 at The Atlanta Athletic Club. Please bring a check. You will get a tab for your own meal. Parking is free. We enjoy seeing you and hearing about your families.


No reservation needed. We can be seated at 12:00 noon. See you the 21st. Go to your calendar and reserve Dec 7,2014 for our dinner with Romeos!


For info or 770-396-7036


Tennis Update
Congrats to all the Village Mill ALTA Teams

5 Village Mill ALTA teams made it to playoffs!

4 teams made it to City Finals!


The Thursday B-3 Women's won at City Finals and are City Champions!


Congratulations to all teams on a great season!


City Champions Thursday B-3 Women, Barbara Douglass, captain


City Finalists Sunday A-8 Women, Lynn Kester, captain


City Finalists 14&U Junior Girls, Kitty Turner, captain


City Finalists 18&U Junior Boys, Katie Moussouri, captain


Division Winner Sunday A-1 Women, Jennifer Maceyko, captain

4th of July Bows
A Village Mill Tradition

4th of July Veterans Bows


The time is approaching for you to honor family members who have served or are now serving in the military. Bows should be displayed on mailboxes from June 28th through July 5th. This has been a Village Mill tradition for many years.


Take a moment and reflect on who you would like to honor if you yourself have not served. A grandfather who served in World War II? An uncle who was drafted after graduation from high school? A great aunt who served as a nurse in Korea? If you wish to honor more than one person, two bows will fit on most mailboxes.


The Veterans Bows are $5 and color coded by branch of service: Green for Army, red for Marine Corps, dark blue for Navy or Coast Guard and light blue for Air Force. All bows contain yellow ribbon, the international color for peace.


You can contact Julian Black at 770-396-5997 to order your bows.


Village Mill Military Bow History: Our long time neighbor, Bob Keesee, started and managed this program for a number of years. Bob passed away in 2011 and Julian Black accepted the honor to continue this tradition. Our neighbor, Susan West, has been the expert Veterans Bow maker for a number of years. Thanks to Susan for her nice work.

Swim Team

The Vipers are Off to a Great Start!


We are having a lot of fun this summer and our swimmers are doing well.Practice times and meet schedules are list below.

Practice dates/times

Morning practices

9:00 - 9:30 6 and under

9:30 - 10:00 7/8

10:00 -10:45 9/10

10:45 - 11:30 11 and up

11:30 - 12:00 Juniors


Afternoon: Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays starting after Memorial Day

3:30 - 4:00 6 and under, 7/8

4:00 - 4:45 9 and up


Swim Meets

The pool will close at 3:00 on home meet nights to get the pool ready. Swim Meets begin at 5:30.


Meets will be Tuesday nights.

6/3 - Home against Dunwoody North

6/10 - Home against Kingsley

6/17 - Home against Mill Glen

6/24 - @ the Branches


GA Tech Divisional Meet

Divisional meet: Thursday morning June 26th

Championship meet: Sunday June 29th


End of season party:Friday, June 27


If you have any questions, please email

Fresh Food Co-op in Village Mill

Interested in getting fresh, local produce delivered to your door? April Toms is starting a Village Mill Co-op to with Nature's Garden Express. With 4 or more orders, Village Mill can start to enjoy thebenefitsof easy access to nutritious and affordable food. Sustainably raised meats, farm fresh dairy and local fruits and vegetables are available. Prices are reduced as more people sign up.


Contact April Toms if you are interested in learning more about the Village Mill co-op.Deliveries are made to just ONE local address.April has a coupon code for $10 off your first delivery if you want to try it.
Neighborhood News

Congratulations to....


Our Village Mill 2014 Graduates


Robert Hehir from the University of South Carolina business school with a double major in Global Supply Chain Management and Economics, w/ a minor in Spanish.


Johnathan Langley fromDunwoody High Schooland attending Georgia Institute of Technology


Caroline Harvey from St. Pius X Catholic High School and attending the Georgia Institute of Technology


George Heidbreder is graduating from DHS and will study engineering at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio


Megan Hall graduated from Indiana University


Hayley Hughes - graduating summa cum laude from Samford University, Birmingham, AL


Ashley Hughes from Wesleyan School attending Clemson University


Emily Eanes graduating from St. Pius Catholic High School and attending Clemson University


Cullen Jones from Dunwoody High School and attending University of Maryland


Issac Italiaander from the Weber School


Clare Gordonfrom Dunwoody High School and attending the University of GA


Kyle Smith from Dunwoody High School and attending Florida State University


Sydney Cash from Dunwoody School of the Arts and attending Queens University in Charlotte, NC


Rebecca Friedman from Dunwoody High School and attending the University of GA


Thank you to...

Erin Barrett and Sheila Greer for making Strawberry Festival a wonderful event.


Julie and Mike Smith and Monica and Jim Littlefield for making the Beach Party a huge success.



Welcome to New VMCI Members


Kimberly and Todd Trego- (Oliver and Miller)

Cassie and John Kerr (Whit)

Carrie and James Mc Dowell- (James)

Stephanie and Matt Vyverberg- (Luke, Anna)

Lauren and Lou Kerkhoff (Grant)

Stacy and Alex Brown (Kelsey and Lainey)




Sympathy to Andrea Hirsch and her family on the death of her father.


Please email the newsletter editors at with news and updates.